Dreams and dishwashers

January 21, 2023

Some dreams are difficult and exciting to interpret. Last night's was not one of those: I dreamt that the dishwasher was doing a really poor job, just like it had the last time it ran, and woke up to find that it had indeed done a poor job this time too.

Insert breathless excitement about the unconscious power of dreams to predict the future here!

Some people in the Kodsnack Slack discussed the nice numerology of running a half marathon distance on the 21st of the month. I settled for twelve kilometers myself, and that was just the right distance. Not least because it took me quite a while to get into a good flow. It is always good to be reminded that regardless of current fitness level, the feel of the start of a run does not need to have any bearing at all on how it might feel a few kilometers later.

I wonder if there is a minimum time span you need to spend on exercise to be able to have that experience? I would guess not, but I can imagine that the experience becomes more pronounced with increasing time, because you can both take longer to get to the flow point, and have more time to spend in the flow after getting there.

At any rate, twelve kilometers at my current level left me feeling nicely drained afterwards, and with no second thoughts about doing it again next week or so. I might get up to that half marathon distance soon enough if I keep it up.

Speaking of the Kodsnack Slack, it really has turned into a great place to hang out over the years. I would say that it contributes more to my average day than the actual podcast itself. We dug out some statistics the other day, and even if it has been running for quite some time now it was still a bit of a surprise to see just how many messages I had managed to post. (I am glad they keep no stats on how many of those are just silly jokes.)

More plans for the weekend: dinner with friends, podcast editing for fun and profit, and of course drawing some fun "cover image" for the next episode of Kodsnack. Kristoffer and I recorded yesterday, and I have a really obvious theme to go from there. Still could do with some way of integrating them on the site, it is on the list, but pull requests are of course welcome.