Morning Mastodon musings

January 14, 2023

It is so nice to not care about Twitter anymore. The relief of something which used to be really nice being quickly ruined is a thing.

Mastodon, meanwhile, keeps delivering people and thoughts large and small, without algorithmic sorting, ads, or other inbetweens. And the shutdown without a word of most of Twitter's third party app API has made Tapbots push even harder to get Ivory - their Mastodon client - out sooner. Within the next few weeks as I understand it.

It is one thing to see Twitter's actions drive users to Mastodon, but somehow another to see it so actively drive development of a really good client app. So, hey, some good things are still coming out of Twitter's actions.

Side track

Serious keyboard inspiration.

Stats corner

I took a look at the number of posts on this site and realized that before this little focused burst, the average was just below one post per week. I can not decide if that is pretty good or surprisingly little.


It would be nice to see some snow falling. Instead we are stuck inside this mainframe with eternal autumn or early spring.

It is late Saturday morning, the dog is curled up on my lap, the cup of tea is half finished, and the Christmas tree has taken on a sagging, grey-green look which tells me that removing it this weekend as tradition calls for is very appropriate. Yesterday is the real traditional day for removing Christmas decorations, but there was work and food and drinks and stuff to deal with late into the evening.

The tought of a coffee is very appealing, but that would mean a monstrous break with my dog-pillow duties. I think I will instead lean back for a while and hear how One little package of hate sounds, surprisingly close to ten years later.