Hot take!

January 08, 2023

I intentionally produced a hot take in a Slack in which I participate. (It is not a hot take without intention, is it?) It produced some interesting discussion, and helped me clarify some possible reasons for my take. Sounds like good outcomes all round, right? And yet, I find myself wondering if everyone would not have been better off without it? Is it ever right and reasonable to produce an intentionally pointed statement just to trigger discussion? Can it be defended as stimulating thoughts and discussion more than a less pointed statement? Is it not much better in the long run to encourage discussion by intentionally lowering voices and reaction levels?

I should note that nobody has actually complained, and I do not think anyone felt set upon by the take or the discussion. This is all stuff running through my mind.

I think - in general - I do not want to write or say things which feel natural to precede with "hot take:". I do want to discuss my gut reactions to things, have discussions, and discover more about the reasoning of myself and others.

But if it feels natural to start with "Hot take:", I think I should take a step back and give it another think-through before posting.