The fast at the feedback

January 04, 2023

Feedback is great, my decision to push a little for 100 days to offload paid off pretty much immediately in feedback from a friend feeling inspired to also pick it up.

I am not sure if I have grasped that a new year has started or not. Things do feel kind of new, but not in that classic new beginnings sense. More like things picked up at exactly the point and pace where they left off before the holidays.

I wonder why that feels surprising to me, but whatever the reason I think the situation is mostly positive. There is a good deal of energy to the whole feeling, and I hope to ride that for a while, perhaps even all the way to the end of the winter?

What am I talking about? Is this not a truly classic type of new year's feeling? Some marketing person just changed the background colour of the label and completely fooled me.

Now, I wonder if it is time to make some more progress in Return to Monkey island? I would hate to accidentally leave it hanging midway, especially since I have not felt very stuck so far.