January 03, 2023

My writing is mainly for me. Writing makes me feel good, helps me sort out my thoughts, and so much more. Since writing is so useful me, it makes sense that it can be useful to others as well. A few days ago, I came across 100 days to offload, another of those little projects to encourage people to write more, in this case on personal blogs.

I have done the same thing once before, but I never really told anyone about it since goals like that work best for me when I keep them to myself, and possibly discuss the experience after the fact.

But hey, simply browsing the hall of fame on the site made me discover some nice new reading material (like this) and felt generally inspiring, so perhaps this can inspire someone else too?

Come, let's write more blog posts together, about whatever we feel like! I started January 1st, but you can of course start whenever you like.

(But "whenever the mood strikes you" is the best time.)

Speaking of sidequests

A while back, I started drawing episode images for Kodsnack. We have been posting episodes on Youtube, where they have garnered very little attention, for a while, and after hearing CGP Grey discuss how much creative titles and better episode artwork had done for his videos I became curious enough to try it myself. It was, after all, an excellent reason to break out Procreate and the Apple pencil.

It actually made a difference as well, download numbers are still minuscle but notably higher than without images and titles. But the main thing is that drawing artwork based on episodes is just plain old fun. Time flies, and I am childishly happy about the results.

I do not, yet, at least, include the images on the website. But I will say that I am very happy about some of the details in today's episode artwork.

Okay, here it is:

Episode artwork for Kodsnack 506 Episode artwork for Kodsnack 506

In the spirit I mention above, I am not signing up for drawing images for every single future Kodsnack episode ever. But this is most likely not the last one. I feel like I have set the perfect mental bar for myself, where basically anything I get drawn is a bonus.

I wonder if I can translate this kind of creativity into code somehow, some day?