January 02, 2023

Side note to the last post: It is nice to write more! And look how nice and easy it was to link to a discussion on Mastodon, and get straight to the whole thread in one page, in the right order and free from distractions.

Even with time for FTP-based deployment included, I think everyone got something a lot more coherent and interesting out of my foggy mind than if I had been trying to process my thoughts in chunks of a few hundred characters.

It can also be linked to, on a domain I control, for as long as I want it to be available. (And I could probably serve the site out of a shoebox powered by a potato and still have capacity to spare for many magnutudes more visitors. How is that for web scale?)

I, too, am a little bit tired of typing into tiny little boxes. Let yourself expand into the vast widths of a proper text editor on your computing machine of choice.

The web is going great, thanks.

It is the first day of work of the new year, seems right to start off with a dose of optimism, right?

Breakfast sandwiches close at hand, first cup of tea nearly drunk. Time to crack open that work computer and see what it has in store for me.

(Considering that it was less than a week since I last used it, and considering that I have been following along in Slack at all times, there should not be any surprises. But we all know what happens if you assume silly things like that.)