Smells like conference spirit

It happened.


At last.

Entering Øredev through the smoke screen Entering Øredev through the smoke screen

Of all the things Covid put on hold, Øredev is for me the last major one to come back. But on Tuesday morning, I could once again walk in through the smoke screen, grab a excellent cappuccino from Sandby kafferosteri, and feel that yes, despite everything, some things are right in the world again.

Cappuccino, by Sandby kafferosteri Cappuccino, by Sandby kafferosteri

Once again, I had the previlege of getting to hang out with and record podcast episodes with speakers. Once again, I got to get into my Øredev routine of hotel gym before breakfast, insufficent cooldown time before showering and eating, and spending the day following my own sort of special conference track of conversations with attending sessions wherever a suitable gap occured.

The technology - limited and battle-tested as it is - seems to have held up perfectly, and the speakers I talked to were as gracious, interesting, and entertaining as always. As usual, I have no idea when each recording will be released in episode form, but I look forward to all eight of them.

My Øredev 2022 badge My Øredev 2022 badge