Autumn energy

Autumn energy is a strange thing. Tired, weighed down by decreasing light, yet somehow a lot gets done a lot of the time. How does that work?

All I know is that, at least for me, it does work. And quite reliably too, this autumn as many others before it. The end of September and beginning of October has been a blur of activity of all sorts, almost all of it good to great. There is more to come too, after the Season of the Pandemic I am going back to ├średev again in November. That looks like the final push for the moment, but knowing myself I will probably make some kind of todo out of Christmas and new year's as well.

January, though, might be a bit more relaxed. Perhaps?

If I was not quite so tired, I would probably feel delighted at all that gets checked off lists.

Instead, I think about the tired side catching up, and get stuck in bad moods mainly caused by lack of energy which quickly passes when I do rest.

Getting some exercise in is a great help as well. And something mind-altering, like music. It is almost silly how effective some suitable music can be in changing my mood. When I exercise at home, I often listen to podcasts. Tonight, I went for old rock music instead, and I am very sure I would not have felt as uplifted, nor as sweaty, after 25 minutes with Accidental tech podcast in my ears.

Nothing wrong with those lovely voices, but We're not gonna take it or Run to the hills they ain't.

I even wrote a little bit of code last night! Leisure time-coding has not been a thing for a long time, but last night was apparently magical, somehow. After having thought about it on and off for months, I started on a very small command-line utility to help me do various little production details around Kodsnack more easily.

True to form, I write it as plain old Javascript for Node. 60 glorious lines of code, some of which already perform useful work.

I should not say so, but if this pace continues the whole utility will not only be finished, but also earn back the time spent on it quite quickly.

(Yes, it will appear on Github as well. Perhaps it can inspire someone to write their own personal utilities.)