Month of Air

I have had my Macbook air for a little over a month now.

All together, it is probably my favourite laptop ever.

On the level of details, there are other machines I like better. Especially when it comes to size and weight.

But the size and weight this machine adds over my Airs and Macbooks of old is put to such good use that it outweighs the somewhat lower portability.

It feels rock solid. The extra screen real estate is always handy. It is still easy to pick up and fit almost everywhere. It has brought back effective and enjoyable couch computing in just the way I hoped it would.

And it is cool, outrageously powerful, and the battery just lasts and lasts. I think about the battery in about the same way I do that of a Ipad. Sometimes, it needs to charge. I notice the battery running low, and then I plug it in once I am finished with whatever I am doing. A low battery is not a situation when you have to drop everything and make a dash for the nearest outlet.

It just goes and goes. The battery indicator says 54% right now. At current usage, Airbuddy estimates that I have 11 hours and 43 minutes left before I run out. I could believe it.

Autumn is here

Finally, I say.

I love the cool crispness and the colours. I am not, however, such a big fan of the increasingly dark mornings and evenings. I am nowhere near that tipping point where darkness just lands on my shoulders like a lead scarf, but I am feeling noticeably more tired. But the last and next few weeks have also been kind of busy, so I maintain hope that some recovery can balance the darkness for a while longer.

I started wondering where I put the contents of my 2002-2012 web site. The years of PHP and a Mysql database. I know I figured out some kind of export, but where did I put it? There are some texts there I would like to read again.

I wonder if I wrote anything about my Macbook air there?