The end of a pod

My epic and completely unnecessary project of re-listening to all of Reconcilable differences is almost at an end, and I look forward to … something different?

I am not sure why, but at some point I turned this little adventure into a milestone. Once I am done, I intend to try and keep my podcast listening time down and instead … do other things. There should be other things I can spend all that focus on, at least sometimes. I clearly feel when I have been listening too much for one day, I get a bit restless and feel like I have wasted time and energy on the wrong things. And because I like to focus on what I listen to, I rarely really let my mind wander while listening to podcasts. Background processing of other thoughts is if not on hold then at least greatly slowed down compared to when I listen to music, or, even better, nothing but my surroundings.

In short, I have the classic goal of mindlessly consuming less and instead do things with more intent - including truly doing nothing and relaxing.

It has never really worked out before, so I look forward to giving it another go.