Keeping a good flow is hard. If there is one thing which can stress me about Kodsnack, it is not yet having a next episode recorded.

(A close second is not yet having the next episode edited and ready for release, but that is a much smaller stress.)

Therefore, I like to have a buffer of episodes if possible. One is great, two is fantastic, but anything more suddenly risks becoming a problem of its own. Suddenly, guests may have to wait a long time for "their" episode to come out, and topics which are somewhat time sensitive either risk going stale, or will have to push back the others even further.

This has resulted in things becoming even more uneven those times when I have made a push to create a good buffer. First, I find myself recording multiple episodes per week for a while. This - while highly enjoyable - is somewhat tiring in itself.

But once I start making use of the buffer, it is very easy to slip into not recording any episodes for one or more weeks. And so the recording habit is lost for a while, and planning for coming episodes quietly slips as well because my mind is distracted by the fact that there are still episodes in the buffer.

Frustrating things, minds.

Also frustrating: things which upset regular schedules.