Twenty twenty-one

A new year started right after March #10, 2020, for some reason. Just typical of the strangeness of 2020, I guess.

The holidays are coming to an end, and they feel like they have been long and disconnected from the regular rythm of work weeks. Sleep was clearly needed, I have been doing a lot more of it than usual.

Discussing yearly themes with strangers - a very nice side-quest. I caught up with the entire back-catalog of Cortex just in time to catch the yearly themes episode before the new year started. I like their way of thinking about guiding themes rather than promises or goals or what-have-you-kind of stricter targets. I have come up with a theme which feels exciting, and am looking forward to seing how it might help or hinder me going forward.

Then, one Rachel Nabors asked on Twitter what you want to stop doing in 2021, a formulation I found surprisingly stimulating. I keep feeling there is a lot more for me to find in that. What I have come up with so far is basically a variation of being mindful: stop doing things when they no longer hold my interest. Useful for sure, but I will keep digging for more. Background processing will surely present something surprising during a random shower in March.

Most of this was written on a Ipad pro using a Apple pencil. What a wonderful way of rediscovering that hand-cramp of writing for too long. Just another ergonomic thing to take into account.

(Also the feel that the experience is so smooth and perfect using a device from the late bronze age. Will M-based Macs age this well too?)