It feels like autum is here, and I am enjoying it to the fullest extent I can.

Drinking coffee on the steps Drinking coffee on the steps

As I recall, we were talking about having morning coffee in the sun on the steps before we even moved in. So it took me a good long while to get around to it, but now that I finally did I am happy to report that it was just as nice as we always expected.

We also have apples:

Raking up fallen apples Raking up fallen apples

The ones being gathered here are the nice ones. They look lovely even beginning to decay on the ground, and they taste good too. Compared to some of our neighbors, our trees produce very modest amounts of fruit, but right now enough falls every day to motivate some quick exercise with the rake.

Which means we now have a dangerous number of opportunities for creating things like this:

Home-made apple pie on home-grown apples Home-made apple pie on home-grown apples

Yes, of course it was J who baked it. Our first home-made pie on home-grown apples.

Eating home-made apple pie Eating home-made apple pie

It is nice to put up some photos every now and then. I should do that more often. Or rather, I should make it quicker for myself to put photos here. While Instagram has the allure of … yes, what is the allure of Instagram, really? I follow enough people which post something interesting often enough that Instagram now has that "I might miss out" hook somewhat dug into my skin, but I rarely feed it any images. The allure of tearing one more little piece of Facebook away from my body is strong, reinforced once more by starting to read How to destroy surveillance capitalism by Cory Doctorow.