Small-screen entertainment

Iphone SE on top of 12-inch Macbook Iphone SE on top of 12-inch Macbook

After thinking about it many times, I went ahead and resurrected the Iphone SE we have had hanging around in a box for a long time. Poor little thing. The size and weight are truly amazing, and even after a few days I find myself frequently using two hands to hold and handle it even though I can comfortably reach every part of it while maintaining a good grip.

And everything works, too. While I restore phones from backups somewhat regularly, I have never done so over quite this distance in phone generation and device size. Sure, I knew the OS versions were the same, but I still half expected to hit at least some kind of snag somewhere. But no, everything came across just like it should.

I know it was released in 2016, but the SE still feels fast. More than fast enough for the needs of someone who uses his phone little enough that smaller size feels like a natural win. I would of course love if it had a more modern camera, but otherwise I lack nothing here. The battery does burn through noticeably quicker, but I would guess that is a simple factor of the battery being several years older than the Iphone XS I was using just before.

Iphone SE between keyboard halves Iphone SE between keyboard halves

Remember the cool feeling of a phone you could stand up because the edges were straight? Yep, still feels good. Also, it lies flat on a flat surface! There is no camera bump, the lens is flush with the back.How cool is that?

Broken rings

I did manage to break my ring streak after Sunday. On Monday I went about my day, took of the watch and went to bed and did not worry at all (pretty much) about the rings.

You could almost hear the credits roll on my ring era.

It feels good.

(I might still get a new watch in the future though. Some time after sleep tracking is released this autumn. Got to get more use out of all these bands … Perhaps there will be an Apple watch SE?)