Light up your world

Sometimes, you get a lamp you like so much it makes you look forward to the darker half of the year. Just a little bit.

Apart from that, I love the actual part of the year we are in right now. Very much including the amazing thunderstorm and intense rain we had yesterday, overflowing our rainwater barrel, washing away layers of pollen and renewing the lushness of everything green. I was disappointed at the level in the rain meter after the downpour, only to realize it had been emptied just before it all broke out. I then switched back to feeling impressed by the weather again.

Other totally summer-like thoughts include finally getting a grip on the wired networking situation of the home. More switches have been bought, cable placements have been planned, yet I still hesitate about how exactly to best cross a few doorways situated in unfortunately solid concrete walls.

There is only one way forward, and it will include making permanent marks on something. Everyone wants to make a dent in the universe, right?