May 13th

This could be my eleventh week of working from home.

We discussed how long it has been last night, so I felt somewhat compelled to figure out the number.

It is still higly enjoyable, but I am fully aware just how easy the easy mode on which I am playing this game really is. Lots of space, the right amount of people to neither step on toes nor feel lonely, and a job where we were pretty much ready to work remotely from the start. No video meeting excesses, and no lack of communication either.

Despite all the luxury, I still do not quite understand those people who feel they have so much more time for things. To be sure, there is some more time, mostly gained from not needing to travel between work and home, but nowhere near enough to make me feel like I need additional hobbies, new TV series, or anything like that. I feel like I get to about the same amount of things on my to do for fun-list, but perhaps I have gained some breathing room inbetween activities? Perhaps.

I still seem to get to my list of games or movies just as rarely as before.

Writing this classically relaxing on the couch, Macbook on lap, slightly missing my mechanical keyboard. Not nearly enough to bring cables, adapters, and actual keyboard into the situation though. Typing on the 40% just keeps feeling better though, I especially feel numbers and arrow keys have become better recently. I have hardly even thought about chaning the key layout in quite a while, which I suppose is a good sign too.

I do still feel completely loss whenever typing ~ would come in handy, which is not nearly often enough for me to really learn where the heck I put it.

Guess I should make a map or something.

This weekend is when Göteborgsvarvet would have happened on a normal year. I was signed up to run, but the cancellation happened nice and early so I am not at all feeling like I was cheated of a major part of spring. But I am thinking about getting a half-marathon distance in somewhere during the weekend. It has been a very long time by my standards since I was anywhere near 21 kilometers. I am confident I could do it, but I do not know to exactly which level I would feel it the days after. "More than I think" is probably a good estimation.

There is more fun to be had with Podcast Chapters too, some interesting bugs to dig into and fun new features to think about. The last version came out May 1st, which truly feels like ages ago. So not such a bad lapse there after all, but I still would like to get at least some of those bugs caught soon.

Writing, writing is also nice every now and then. Turns out.