East of easter

I am entering week five of working from home.

At least I think it is week five. It seems hard to keep track.

I still do not miss the office at all. This is exactly how I imagined I would feel working from home, which means it is also a surprise that it actually has turned out that way.

The easter weekend slid by in such a way that I feel like work is way off in the distance, but also like there are so many more things I could do before getting back into work mode.

Podcasting fun

We are releasing a big episode of Kodsnack tomorrow. Our friend Johan not only suggested a topic, but also rounded up a great panel to discuss said topic. In the end I was left with a six-person, one and a half hour conversation to edit.

Aligning all those tracks turned out to be one of those huge mental barriers. I might have thought I would have broken down all of those editing podcasts since 2012, but clearly not.

Fortunately, everyone managed to get a recording of their own audio, meaning I could do a lot more for all those inevitable times when two or more people tried to start saying something at once. Heavy filtering helped a lot, too. I wrote a long-ish text trying to inform everyone of the most important preparations and setup tips. I think I hit the major points (and that I should have managed to be less wordy), but I should also try to find a good rule of thumb to try and prevent audio leakage. I removed a lot of audio where one microphone picked up the voice of the speaker and light audio drift made it a faint echo, loud enough to be worth deleting.

I guess a simple "Use headphones" would go a long way.

Anyway, the recording was a lot of fun and I would love to do more discussions of the same kind. On the same topic, or on completely different ones.

For my own part, I would have liked to be more prepared. My week kind of conspired against it, but I still should have been able to find a bit more time to think about general structure and questions (not that the panel needed them).

Once the evening was over, I went to bed and slept for almost ten hours, so the week had clearly taken its toll.

Podcast Chapters teaser

I have another fun feature coming up. I am not sure if it will be truly useful to anyone else, but it is a cool thing to demo, and it is enabled by another feature which I am pretty sure people will find useful.

I would call that a win.

Podcast Chapters seems to have sold relatively well recently. I have absolutely nothing to do with that as far as I can tell, but it makes me think, again, that I sould try to get word out a bit more in general. If nothing else to hear more about what people might want out of the app.