Let us not forget

The sun comes up,
and the world still turns.

There is so much bad going on,
so much uncertainty.
For many of us,
the right thing to do is to just stay put,
fingers crossed,
and not get in physical touch with others.

That does not mean that you shoult not notice good things.
Perhaps we should even more than usual?
Beautiful, sunny spring days.
The calm I feel has settled with fewer people out and about.
There could be even more of a storm coming any minute, but if so I have even more reason to appreciate the calm while it lasts.

I have been working from home for two full weeks and have been away from the office for another few days, but I still truly enjoy working from home. Somehow, we managed to get ourselves pretty well set up for everyone working remotely well before this situation became a thing. Now, I wonder if the office will remain even emptier on average once this finally passes.

This situation makes clear just how large my hobbit tendencies are. As long as I have a decent connection to the internet and am allowed to get some fresh air, I feel like this is a very gentle restriction of my life indeed.

Which is a big damn luxury of a situation to be in.

But I would do more harm if I did not appreciate the details I notice among all the clearly bad things.