The sound of air escaping

A flat bike tire clearly took all the air out of me this afternoon.

Granted, it happened right at the usual low point of the day mood-wise: making the discovery just as I was leaving the office in the afternoon always has a good chance of setting something like this off. But it feels unusual not to recover a bit more at least once some dinner has been had. I think with peak darkness of the year the adults in the family hit the same slump at once and that changed the equation a bit.

(New tire valves are on the shopping list. I am hopeful the tire is not actually punctured, because I was kind of mean to the valve when I pumped the tires the other day. Seemed like it had got stuck in a closed position, which explains a lot of frustrated pumping on my part.)

Still, I am working my way back from it ever so slowly. Some light reading, and now the impulse to write this which made me dig up my beloved Spider monkey and Logitech keyboard. After some nervous bluetooth pairing problems everything seems to be working just as well as it always has, and the full-screen experience with a twelve-inch Ipad and Drafts or Editorial is just the kind of calm a winter-tired evening mind needs.

On the other hand: perhaps it is good to not work back too much. Perhaps it is better to lean into the tiredness, have an early evening and get better odds for tomorrow? Not that I usually manage to pull tricks like that off, but there is a first time for everything. Right?

In other news my split 40% keyboard seems to finally be on its way. The amount of time I spend on my customized small keyboard at work keeps tripping me up just a little when I use other keyboards (which I currently do at any point I type something outside of work), and of course all the regular keyboard time is no help for improving on the small keyboards either.

So I think I am still an all over worse typist now than when I started using the KBD4X. But I still am having fun with pretty much every key stroke, and I look forward to getting a second small keyboard so I can shift the balance even more in its favor. I am sure entirely new and interesting snags will appear, like the major problem of deciding which keyboard lives where.

(My current thinking is split keyboard at work, standard one at home.)

Side note: so to rebuild my site and upload this I think to myself that it is time to get the "real computer". Funny how that "real computer" is a Macbook of similar screen size and technically inferior to this Ipad in probably every single other way.