Gardens and boards

For me, the winter darkness of the year really landed on my shoulders in the past week. We have had some truly classic November days recently - gray, overcast, cold, and with a great variety of rain types.

Personally, I was shook enough by last year's heat wave and drought that I welcome all rain and cold with even more open arms than ever before.

There is something about the damp everyday outdoors. About standing in a garden where most of the leaves have fallen, the grass lush and soft, and everything covered in tiny drops of water. There was no mist, but it could not have been more than a step away.

Keyboard news

I still use and love my 40% keyboard, but it is now becoming clear that my regular switching of keyboard layouts is interfering with my precision.

The natural course of action was of course(?) to buy another one, so that I can type with the same layout both at home and at work without needing to ferry a keyboard back and forth. I am still waiting for it to be assembled and shipped, but considering the amount of soldering I have done the extra wait and money felt well worth it. To mix things up a little, the new board is split, so I will get the additional bonus of playing around with even more ergonomic desk layouts. Putting a trackpad between the two halves seems like a natural thing to do, but we shall see.

It occured to me that using an external keyboard at home might mean playing around with desk layout there too. I should take a serious stab at improving my port situation for one, and for another I might want to add a mouse to the setup as well. My Macbook is likely to remain my main home computer for a while, and using an external keyboard with the builtin trackpad always feels a bit awkward. I end up doing strange stuff like switching between keyboards while pointing, or even worse end up using the builtin keyboard while I have the external one sitting on my lap.

Perfect autumn entertainment, no?