Retro gaming

The other day I started playing Horizon chase turbo, a wonderful racing game with what old-timers would call a joyful retro feel. Colorful, fast, and completely without aspirations to realism. I love every minute. It's also a large game, chock-full of tracks, cars, and upgrades. All of which you unlock by - and this is where it gets even more retro - playing the game and getting good at it! No micro transactions as far as the eye can see. (An additional tour is available for purchase, and considering the amount included in the game I have no doubt it is equally good value for money.)

I found myself thinking that this is the kind of game which feels perfect for Apple arcade - all the content, none of the modern annoyances. Then I thought the game is kind of retro in its very business model.

And then I thought: is it not about bloody time the "modern" business model of slot machines as thinly wrapped in games as possible died a firey death? Could we get an app store to push them off into their own shameful category? "Microtransactions" perhaps, or "We have no respect for you or your time".

… that last one has room for several social networks, come to think of it …