Night time

This site now has a dark mode.

Basic, but still.

I opened the local copy after a little while of writing in a dark Sublime window, the whole OS in dark mode and with a daylight-adjustning and thus appropriately dark desktop background image set. The contrast made it clear that it was time to alter the styling at night, however crude the solution might be. So I just followed the basic instructions here, skipping the fancy variable stuff.

Speaking of Sublime, it has its dark mode … deficiencies. I just saved this file for the first time, and the colour scheme went from my painstakinly set calm dark to eye-searing white in an instant. I have no idea why, but I am now seriously threatening Sublime with a switch to Visual studio code.

There we go. How calm and dark and code-looking things are over here in Electron-land.

Okay, that was short-lived. My service for inserting Markdown links with a keyboard shortcut did not work over there. I blame Electron, and curse the brightness of this background colour.