Podcast chapters 1.5 approaching

It has been a little while now since I took over development of Podcast chapters. Close to two months, in fact.

From the outside the only visible events have been one minor update fixing a small bug and a couple of changed references to owner and contact details. On the inside, I have been slowly but surely (well, sometimes quite hesitantly, to be honest) hammering away at the core of the app, mainly doing work I hope no end user will ever notice other than there being slightly fewer problems. The real point is cleaning up some technical debt and make a whole lot of fun stuff possible going forward.

So: 1.5 is coming. Big thing for me, hopefully not for anyone else.

Well, okay, it will also fix a couple of bugs and add a minor feature or two.

For those excited by code like myself, I do plan to talk about the story so far once this version is out. But first things first: finish thing, then talk about it.

The thing I really wanted to write about was having a couple of those wonderful moments where a bug is finally found, things click and become just that much clearer than they were before. Being in such unfamiliar territory, I have had minor moments like that along the whole way, but the last few days they were of the kind where that one minor problem is fixed and a whole chunk of code starts to just work. No matter how small the fix was, the combined relief and sense of accomplishment is just incredible.

(And in this particular case, once found the fixes have been truly minimal. We are talking being off by a byte and such things.)

If you read this and happen to be into podcast production involving chapters and other ID3 metadata: what would you like in a good chapter editing app for the Mac? What should it do to fit well into your workflow (new or old)?