Saber beating

Is Beat saber a killer app for VR? I have not only played a lot in the past months, I have also let other people try it whenever the opportunity arises. From age six to forty, everyone who I have helped adjust the headset has been able to grasp the game and have a thoroughly good time from the first beat. The kids especially have a great time, with the no failures option letting them finish songs without worrying too much about the details of slicing. And when not playing, they are bouncing up and down centimetres from the TV, commenting on every move. It re-struck me (if there is such a concept) how much more social and graspable the Playstation VR becomes by having the real-time stream of the view right there on the TV:

Killing it?

The last time I wrote about the game I imagined a standalone, cable-free, version perfect for travel.

Since then, I realized the Oculus quest is on its way and that Beat saber will be on it.

I fear this is enough to make me buy another system, just to play a game I already own in a slightly better way.

That does sound a lot like a killer app, right?