The best kind of end

En podd om teknik, wrapping up En podd om teknik, wrapping up

There is a live recording of Pet shop boys at the Mermaid theatre with a full symphonic orchestra. They finish the regular set to tons of applause, and when they come back on I can hear the wide smile on Neil Tennant's face as he says "It's not really the end, of course."

That is how I feel right now, having had the honor to play a small part in En podd om teknik's marathon live charity event, also doubling as their final season. I have a wide smile, a lovely fuzzy feeling inside and a knowledge that it is not really the end. This particular podcast is wrapping up for sure, but it is doing it in a nice laidback way while both listeners and makers having a good time, and I know other good things will come out of it.

I want more experiences like this. And whoever wants to put on an event like this should definitely consult the crew here because everything worked so well as to almost be suspicious.

I needed to leave way before the very end of the evening, which was a little sad as I am sure the last part will be the very best for us long-time listeners. On the other hand, it means I will have some all-new material to consume at some later point when withdrawals become too bad.

Also, I now get to discover what comes next.

It is not really the end, of course.