One step back

Wet headphones Wet headphones

My headphones, put down to dry up.

After writing about my first Move experiences, I got myself together for today's play session and stepped back. Way back.

Well, it was perhaps half a meter to a meter, but more back than I would have stood otherwise, and far back enough to clear most possible obstacles without ending up with too little cable to move. Then I dove head-first into Beat saber.


Playing with enough space around you makes a lot of difference. After watching a few videos, I learned that Beat saber encourages you to make larger swings and motions. Being able to do those without worrying about things around you blocking or hitting you adds another level of immersion and physicality. It suddenly became clear to me how Beat saber becomes one of the most entertaining forms of exercise, and it also felt like seeing the Matrix gameplay-wise. Those larger motions makes everything feel that much more fluid, more like dancing and also more plain fun. I found myself exhilerated, and dripping with sweat, as I reached scores I had never been close to before.

I also had the idea of Beat saber on a completely stand-alone headset as the ultimate portable exercise for business travelers. No need to even leave the hotel room to fit in some exercise between meetings, before breakfast or just before going to bed.

I want to play more, but on the other hand I have already had one shower today …