Friday evening

Writing regularly

and reading what you write every now and then

can be pretty good for memory and perspective.

I sat down, deeply clicky keyboard on my lap, to write this, took a look at my last post here and realized that it was three whole weeks ago. Three weeks ago I was starting to feel settled in in this apartment. Now, a blink of an eye later it feels both like we have come so much farther, and made a lot less progress at the same time.

Mostly, I land on the side of a lot having happened.

There are lights, Hue and not.

There are so many fewer boxes.

A larger amount of major furniture than I expected has been bought or at least seriously investigated.

What remains is starting to feel like regular living in a place: there are always nice to haves, things which could be improved with the right idea or the right amount of rainy days to put into it. On the whole though, those things do not get in the way of day to day life.

Well, except those boxes of kitchen stuff we can not yet unpack.

I guess some pictures and paintings should go up at some point too.

That piece of furniture will be sold some day.

Oh, and those shelves are just full of things we threw up to get started. They could be sorted through and made so much nicer.

One day.

One day, but not today. Okay, tonight.

Tonight I click the keyboard, listen to the wind outside, drink some bubbles and think about podcasting.

For example, Merlin Mann mentioned on some show how early he was on Macbreak weekly. So now, for some reason, I am listening to episode three. From August 31st, 2006.

I am unsure when I first listened to a podcast, but there is something fascinating about listening to talk about really old Apple news in a format I associate with many years later.

It is made more surreal by some of the voices being the same ones I regularly listen to nowadays. Did they travel back in time, pick up some older microphones and slower connections and just sat down to talk?