Spring forward

I found myself a podcast focused on VR gaming, thanks to Spotify of all services. I do not use Spotify for podcast listening at all, but the recommendating engine throws podcasts in with other recommended listening. And so I found myself listening to the soundtrack of Wipeout omega collection, my gaze sliding down to recommendations and noticing a couple of podcast episodes mentioning the game. Pretty nice! I just wish Spotify let me listen at more than agonizing 1x speed … Anyway, The PSVR life podcast has been a fun listen so far. Not only have I picked up game tips and rumors, I have also learned of using the word "flat" to describe non-VR games. Such a good way of putting it, immediately clear and leaving no doubt as to which version is the more immersive experience.

The daily keyboarding update is that Pok3r allows you to hit fn+x to toggle its LED:s on and off. I do not use it often enough, but I still enjoy it as much every time I do and I tell myself I am learning something in the process. All aspects of keyboards and keyboarding have truly become a running theme in my life recently. I just found myself toying with the idea of trying Dvorak or Svorak (or Colemak, but seems I might as well go all the way were I to switch things up at all), and it felt more plausible than ever before. Interesting times! Arrowing around on Pok3r using caps lock and ijkl now feels quite natural and fast even though I use it so irregularly, so there is clearly enough brain capacity to handle more variations in keyboard setups.

(The latest on the keyboard thought front is split keyboards, especially when I sit down and use a laptop's builtin keyboard for too long.)