Because of Reasons, my bike ride to and from work has been significantly longer recently. A few hairs over 8,5 kilometers to be specific, and I enjoy it quite a bit more than you might expect (especially considering the time of year in this the city of sideways rain).

I have always considered myself a biker, but the fact is the last time I regularly biked more than, say, five kilometers in either direction was … perhaps fifteen years ago.


Anyway, biking a somewhat longer distance is a surprisingly different activity. Gone is the annoying feeling of becoming just a bit too warm right at the end of the ride. With a longer trip, there is time to get to a balanced temperature and stay in the flow of moving for a while.

(Ask me again about that balance in June or so, but I can always shower when I arrive at work.)

I feel myself picking up a better pace as well, going faster for longer and enjoying it more. Finally, and perhaps most fun, is the feeling that various sections of the distance are their own little events, set sections to get through in efficient ways.

I feel like a biker again, and it feels great.

(Also, it is awfully nice to have the daily commute fill up the rings pretty much all by itself.)