Comfortably adrift

I have spent the weekend in the kitchen. Or as much of it as I could.

I have not been eating (or doing the dishes) constantly, I am testing a borrowed computer, and it needed somewhere to be. It is a lovely machine too, but more on it later.

It has been a strange work week in some ways. Toward the end, I felt as if I had wasted entire days getting nothing at all done. That is not a good feeling to end the week on for me, but a bit of weekend hacking on work stuff made me feel better. More importantly, my now regular reading of the week's notes on Sundays reminded me I had actually got some stuff done.

Still, motivation, drive, focus and all those other words remain as hard to grasp and control as ever.

Or perhaps my bar is constantly rising?


I keep forgetting and then re-realizing what a short work week the coming week will be for me. I also refuse to accept that December begins on Friday. That is in no way correct, I will just sit back and patiently wait for the patches to land.

Anyway, good week coming up. Big week. I have ... uh, prepared? ... by watching a surprising amount of Fun fun function. Plus running 21 kilometers and eating a lot of ice cream.

I also went and looked at an apartment, mainly for the fun of checking out the view and an area I rarely spend time in otherwise. In a system without bidding wars and where initial asking prices actually meant something I might have considered it, but in this world I know it will land pretty far outside of the price range I am interested in.

Nevertheless, it is fun to just walk around an apartment and area and think about what it might be like to live there. How would I get to work? Where would I go for a run? Where would I go grocery shopping, and which sounds would make their way through the open window on the average afternoon?