Roll over.

Enjoy the silence.

Øredev - a rather massive yearly developer conference in Malmö - ended today. Like 2015, I attended as a sort of officially blessed podcaster, interviewing speakers on and off stage. I ended up doing ten interviews, attending a decent number of talks in the breaks I had. (Topping it all off with a podcast with friends to celebrate wrapping up the final interview.) I had a great time again, and the results will gradually trickle out wherever podcasts are broadcast.

Suddenly it was time to leave, after four days just as long as they were instant. The train whisked me home in a semi-conscious state, dropping me off for a walk in the November rain.

The apartment door shut behind me, and suddenly it was oh so quiet. Peaceful and still.

Side note

This is being typed while listening to Imogen Heap. She was there, performing an amazing song, demonstrating the awesome gloves, talking technology and music and generally being spellbinding. Just one of many great impulses, impressions, instants. So much to decompress.

Back to the show

Last time, I was walking around in a content but tired haze for at least 24 hours. This time I do not think I am quite as drained. Which is very good, because I also do not have 24 hours to just be introverted just yet. Tomorrow will be full of the jubilant recording, live broadcast and celebration of the 100th episode of Björeman // Melin.

I expect Sunday to be a … rather laid-back day. For now, a good night's sleep will suffice before the next burst of activity.

Nothing like people to get you through the November darkness.