I went for a run in the forest.

(Realizing during the run that the area would be called Magpie ridge if translated to English.)

It felt like the beginning of a good autumn already, an intense shower having passed just before I headed out and drifting drops mixed with falling leaves taking turns with sunlight filtered through foilage.

I increased my exercise frequency quite a bit over my summer holiday, and now that I have stepped down again (to every other day), it suddenly felt like ages since I last ran, or even moved. Just another little version of changes giving a fresh perspective. As always, I hope the feeling lasts as long as possible.

I feel in the right mood to begin a new week. A nicely full week at that, I realized as I sat down to go create my weekly text file. The best part of the planning was that I suddenly came up with not one but two possible projects for Wednesday's lounge hackers meetup. Perhaps going regularly is actually making me better at finding projects? It also feels just a little bit funny how I can come up with a side project and decided to save it for the meetup instead of diving in, as if I was time constrained outside of the meetup hours. Funny or not, it is all good.

I ended up recording two podcasts yesterday, one of which I edited today. I still enjoy Hindenburg more and more with each episode I edit, to the point where I look forward to the next reason to use the app just because I enjoy the app itself. Speaking of the lounge hacks, I used the last one to tape together a Node.js script to convert Hindenburg's chapter marker text into CUE files which I can import into Podcast chapters. Nice and simple, and kind of outrageous to spin up a whole Javascript server to run, but it flies and gets the job done.

Perhaps I will port it to some other language at a later meetup?