Writing and shopping

That sums up my summer so far surprisingly well. Oh, and gaming. Of course there is plenty of other summery and holiday-y stuff, but those two (or three, our three weapons …) have set the flavour by being a larger part of the time and enjoyment than I would have guessed beforehand.


The actual shopping is unexciting, the new thing is that I seem to have got over some kind of hump when it comes to buying things I will actually use and enjoy. Yesterday, for example, I suddenly went and got myself another mattress, something I have been thinking I should do for at least a year. I have no idea when or how exactly present me changed into this getting purchases done person, but I think it is all good.

(I can not think of mattresses without wanting to say "it's a new type of hybrid mattress". I almost need to bite my tongue.)

The purchase of the day today was not all that necessary, but I gave it a pass because it was made using a gift card: I got myself a more sensitive kitchen scale for the deeply silly purpose of wanting to make coffee more precisely and repeatably. Modern coffee nerds give their instructions in grams of ground coffee and milliliters of water, so a scale it was.

I did not weigh the water this time, but next time I might.

Press of coffee in the garden Press of coffee in the garden

Following these instruction I did end up with a couple of good cups indeed. If anything, I think the recipie made the coffee slightly stronger than I usually make it. It did taste well-developed and rich rather than piercingly strong, and I would guess the difference in flavour is from the pre-heating of the press and the added step of pouring on part of the water, letting it sit a short while and then stirring before pouring on the rest.

Deeply silly, but fun to try. Tomorrow I have different batch of beans to try too. (Thanks Martin!)


Apart from the things which show up here, I have got the opportinity to write for and with friends too. There is a really fun completely secret project I have no idea if and when I might be able to talk about, but there is also the Oneplus 5. A Björeman // Melin listener much too kind borrowed me one to try, and I am writing about it over at Macpro. One text about my early impressions and thoughts is up right now, and another where I compare the camera to the Iphone 7 plus is on its way. More will come, possibly here too. It is great fun to finally try out an Android phone, even more so as I really enjoy the experience. I am pretty sure I could live off of an Android phone long-term and feel quite happy about it, and I never would have guessed that.


Tiny trax was finally released, giving me another great VR game to get into. This will definitely get a text of its own, and it is great to see VR games I enjoy come out at pretty much the right pace to fill my gaming time comfortably.

With that, how about some online racing?