Room to breathe

Andrum is a favourite place, and may be the restaurant I eat at most often. It is a vegetarian place in central Gothenburg, comfortably near pretty much everything including transportation to and from everywhere else in the city. I come here (yes, I am writing this on-site) for the buffet. There are other options, and I hear they are just as good, but there is no way I can resist the buffet when I am here. There are two different soups, two different main dishes, and a variety of salads so good that I sometimes fail to have enough room on my plate when I get to the main dishes.

As with all good buffets, I tend to over-eat to some extent. This is really the only downside, and I am getter betting at dealing with it through regular practise. Plus, a slightly too full stomach definitely feels better to me when there is not a massive lump of meat in there weighing me down.

My personal favourite main dish is the palak paneer, but I have not had anything I really (or even somewhat) disliked. Many reviews rave about the pea pesto, but I say try a little bit of most of the salads. They are usually worth it. Try and leave a corner for the main dishes too, but no need to be excessive about them. Try a bowl of whichever soup looks best to you as well, they are all nice. Plus, it is nice having some soup to dip the bread in. The bread does not need it to be good, but the combination is even better.

So. Full. Time for a cup of coffee before rolling out the door …

(The coffee is completely standard fare, so no need to save room for that.)