Midsummer flew by on a wind of containers, friends and cat hair. Today was my first day at the office in a full week, and it felt … unusual to be back. It really is starting to feel like summer time and holidays at work, the number of people present is sinking ever so slowly and nothing new and urgent is likely to turn up before August at least.

Kodsnack is a different story. Apart from a regular lull in December and January, I rarely feel I understand the rise and fall of monthly downloads. May was a great month, and June might actually be the best month yet. Sure, I like all the episodes we have done, but they alone hardly motivate such a large difference. Especially not since the increase is so even, rather than focused in download spikes for certain episodes. Have people started talking more about Kodsnack, spreading the word more than before? Have we happened to get linked regularly in some Right place? I do not know, I would like to find out, but I alsy am happy to enjoy the situation as it is. It feels good to know people listen, and even better when they return with feedback.

Tomorrow's episode has a special kind of excitement for me, of the craftsmanship-type which will hopefully go completely unnoticed by listeners. And that is exactly waht I want.

More Wipeout

Having finished work on the episode, I raised my hands in victory, bought a pizza for reward dinner and topped it all off with some more Wipeout. I have got slightly deeper into the game, and so far I just enjoy it more as the speeds increase. It occured to me while racing that this is the first time I ever play a Wipeout game for any real amount of time. I never had a Playstation console before, so my whole exposure to the series was mainly reading about it and playing a one-level demo of Wipeout 2097 on a PC barely powerful enough to run it as more than a slideshow. When and how the game caught me is a riddle, I guess it just had the right style and theme to capture me,

Pretty amazing to find my feeling for the series confirmed after all this time.