Day after

Älvsborgsbron Älvsborgsbron

It is Sunday evening, and I am in full recovery and decompression mode, slowly digesting the two jam-packed and lovely days which were the Ship it conference. So many great topics, so many conversations, ideas … so much good food and coffee …

I have written down plenty of random notes already, and I expect to both write and podcast around all this. I thought I might try to start writing something here today, but I realized I am not at all ready to do that kind of sifting and sorting. Today, I am fully content letting my mind wander, editing a podcast, doing some laundry, and having a very classicaly Swedish day-after-pizza.

Kebab pizza, plenty of sauce Kebab pizza, plenty of sauce

Of said laundry: how weird is it to come home late at night after the closing party, remember then and there needing to do the laundry and booking a time on the way upstairs? Laundry clearly had some kind of mental connection with evening drinks in the sun.


I fired up the PS4 to check the free PSN games (that eel is still there) and discovered that Wipeout omega collection had been released. I bought it instantly, somewhat to my own surprise, and have already enjoyed a couple of beginner races. The game must have the gentlest learning curve ever, because I have had a whole lot of cakewalk wins so far. I actually look forward to stepping up the challenge a little bit, but I try not to hurry. I know I will need to memorize every turn of the tracks when speeds start increasing …