Captured by IOS 11

IOS 11 has rekindled my Ipad usage to an amazing degree. I headed straight home after the keynote and breathlessly installed the very first developer beta on my Ipad pro. Ever since then, I have been using the Ipad as much as I can, taking notes using the pencil, writing a lot and of course browsing the web and watching a load of WWDC presentations.

I am mainly writing this on my Macbook because the Ipad needed to recharge and I felt more like typing lying on the bed than sitting within charging cable range.

A word of caution: IOS 11 may work a lot better than I expected, but it is very much an early version meant for testing. Apps crash, new features are sometimes very half-baked, and of course all non-Apple apps need updates to participate in drag and drop and most other new hotness.


I swipe the dock up, I drag and drop images all over the place, and I managed to get the multitasker to show three different apps at once. A button for screen recording can be added to the control center, and pencil input feels even better - and much more readily available - than ever before. Things will only get more interesting when atumn brings the full release and app updates. And this is just one slice of all the interesting stuff Apple introduced.

This calls for … baking

Yes, I am also wondering if the next step in my site management side project needs to be a solution for updating from IOS. A classic-type computer will probably need to be involved somewhere, and it might take a few tries to get rasonably convenient, but it should be eminently solvable.

I am not in a hurry, but I have a great motivation to spur my thinking.