Slow rain

I love the sound of rain. If I am home, I like to open a window as wide as wind allows and get the extra sound of more raindrops on the window pane.

Today, it rained hard enough for long enough that I got another enjoyable sound and visual experience to play with.

Would have liked even better focus, higher resolutions, what have you. But hey, I only had one shot at it.

The day have been completely overcast, and much of it raining. I slept poorly and have felt sort of half-awake most of the time. I blame the massive pizza I had for dinner last night, but I am not at all sure how tournament legal that move is.

Tough times, feeling day-after over a pizza …

Facing the books

Everyone's friend Facebook mailed me last night, telling me about a login attempt, encouraging me to click a button to say I was not the one who did it. The highly unexpected twist is that the message was completely genuine rather than a phising attempt. Strange days indeed. On one hand, it is probably good of Facebook to mail about such things. On the other hand, how in the world are the messages supposed to be believed by anyone who does not view the message source to double-confirm the URL:s?

After much checking, I did click the link and confirm I was not the one who tried to login. And since I had no idea what triggered the whole event, I went ahead and changed my password, generating a satisfyingly safe one and making sure it was saved in my password management system. Good times.

As a bonus, I opted to sign out all devices currently signed in and so will now have to actively sign in on each device if the urge to book face through it arises. Encouraging me to throw myself out is probably the best thing Facebook has done to a user in a long time. Unfortunately I got myself signed in again when activating some app integrations, but at least I am still there to a much lesser degree than before. I guess it will not last long, but it certainly will not hurt the little while it lasts.

Oh you

I thought I had broken the bakery just a little while adding stuff today.

Turned out you need to close the video tag just like all the rest …