BB-8, 1,5 years later

I do not exactly do it every day, but each time I take my BB-8 for a spin, I am struck by how simply nice and fun it is to drive a little robot around the living room floor. It is one of those hand and eye occupying tasks which lets my brain relax a bit, shut down the most immediate analytical part and let the background threads hum along in peace.

BB-8 seems to have aged a bit along with the rest of us. The head does not move as smoothly as it once did, and the actual rolling motion of the body is also a bit jerky at lower speeds. Fortunately neither thing deducts at all from its character, it just feels a little more difficult to get going in the right direction.

I like to turn the speed setting down and go really slow between legs of chairs, underneath tables and the like, exploring vauge circular patterns and trying not to bump into things.

The fun of writing

As I was writing about Göteborgsvarvet yesterday, I naturally started thinking about my previous years of the race. It is great to have written things down, because I was misremembering so many things, from how many times I had ran to which years and of course lots of details about each time. I had also written about the race more times than I recalled, so it all became something of a rabbit hole of rabbit holes down through my own darn web site (and two generations of it as well). To satisfy my own curiosity, this is the complete list of texts and years:

It amuses me to note that I was miscounting the number of races as well as the first year I ran as early as in the 2013 text. In 2012 I fell ill the evening before the race and felt for months as if I had been cheated of an integral part of my summer. It clearly broke me down so much I never even made a diary entry the whole month of May. Tough times. In 2013 I ran again, but a really warm and tough race combined with a recent Lejonbragden drained my energy and took the fun out of the whole thing. Skipping the next two years was just the right thing to do, especially since I ran the 100 kilometer distance of Lejonbragden those years. If memory serves (a meaningless statement as this text clearly proves) I was actually signed up for 2015 but missed it without missing it because we were away on a big family trip. Last year I stort of stumbled into participating and found all the fun was back, and this year finally continued building on that feeling.

Whew, we are building up quite a history here.