Rush and recharge

We all need to recharge a bit every once in a while.

PS4 controller charging PS4 controller charging

I came out at the far end of the weekend with a renewed wish to play games. So today I dove into Gravity rush remastered for somewhat more real. I am having fun, so much fun. Learning a new kind of fun, slightly mind-bending, slightly superhero game mechanic of messing with gravity. Enjoying the extremely stylish and well-designed world, exploring nooks and crannies without a big rush to push along the main axis.

The simple joy I feel when playing makes me wonder why I keep feeling I should keep playing unfinished games which no longer provide the same amount of fun. There are so many other exciting things out here.

Listeners also liked …

Daft science, a wonderful mashup of Daft punk and Beastie boys. Too good to be available on Spotify or the like. I am on my second listen, and I am already considering ways of getting a downloaded copy and whether it will really be more convenient than just listening through a web player. Were I to … somehow … come across sound files, they would have to go into some unweildy player software which is not Spotify. Opening the unwieldy, lazy beast that is Itunes and entering my Icloud credentials five times (for luck, I guess) does not encourage spontaneous listening.

Sigh. These modern problems. Good thing I have something to listen to while I lament the state of the world.

Postnord delivers

Well. So-so. In roundabout ways. I picked up the month's load of Queal today, after Postnord unsurprisingly failed a mid-day delivery to my home on Friday. Did they leave a note and drop the package at the dropoff point (a store not five minutes from my door)? No. They left the package at the store today, and also mailed me the note to pick it up. Damn good thing I use those online trackers after all. I would think this whole process could be made … a few steps easier.

Anyway, the most fun part is that I got two new flavors to try: the chocolate hazelnut one I ordered, and a bonus bag of tiramisu. I went for the tiramisu for dinner, and it was really nice. I keep forgetting tiramisu in itself is not at all about chocolate taste, but fortunately the adjustment was quick. Of all the flavors I have tried, I think it has both the nicest and longest aftertaste. I foresee a couple more bags being added to my next order.

Speaking of which, I should probably decrease the overall size of the order, because I was nowhere near finishing the last batch before this one arrived. Good thing, with delivery taking ten calendar days from being handled by Queal to arriving in my home, but now I have enough powder to last me a full month even if I eat nothing else. Kind of ridiculous, but I will get a fun photo out of it tomorrow. I still think I average two meals per day or slightly more, and I still enjoy keeping the habit, complete with the lack of time spent thinking about, getting and transporting food and the extra little enjoyment when I do make and eat other food.

End of report, Daft science rolling again.