Hello old man

I have long thought that as I get older, various kinds of tiredness, exahustion and sometimes even illness start to feel more and more similar.

Case in point: I think today has been a mild case of food hangover. Compared to my week of shakes, I ate quite a lot yesterday. I enjoyed all of it too, and just like with drinking it looks like I have grasped how to stay within the limits to not feel truly bad the day after. Falling asleep was a slight bit uncomfortable, sleep was perhaps not quite as restful as could be, and today I felt a little slow, a little out of focus.

Food hangover. Makes a bit of sense, no?

Also: there was sitting on the tram home next to a colleague, talking about how things used to be back in the day. At the late hour of … oh, 19:30.

At least we owned our role, completely.