Page turner

I have been a scrolling reader for quite a while, reading e-books, Instapaper-saved articles and of course web pages by scrolling. After talking to a friend who thinks a lot about eye strain and demonstrating the pagination options, I started to really wonder why I did not use them myself. And so I have now set both Instapaper and Ibooks (much less frequently used but still my main e-book reader) to pagination mode, where I tap to advance a single screenful at a time instead of swiping. Much calmer. Less futuristic, perhaps less computer-like, but much calmer. The main downside, I guess, is the risk of accidentally tapping away a few pages. Scrolling feels safer that way, but I think it is a worthy tradeoff (plus, I recall seeing options for swipes to turn instead of taps should it feel too error-prone).

Space and shift-space to page up and down on web pages are nice too. I use them every now and then, but I recall bugs when zoomed in on a text block (which I do all the time both on Mac and mobile).

I turned a new page, wonder when and which I will turn next.

And now: food

Food! Cooked food! Food! Cooked food!

Lots of fruit, cream, noodles, a strong green curry paste, spinach, some leftover tahini, garlic, mushrooms …

Oh yes, this was a good way to end the first longer powder period.

I did actually clean out the fridge, too.