Welcome to the future

I have had a great Christmas holiday, a much needed good end to a year which otherwise was miserable on so many fronts.

Good riddance 2016, you did not deserve to go out like this.

I caught up with friends and family.

I ate and slept a lot.

(Making me wonder - yet again - if I should experiment more with my regular sleep routine).

I exercised much less than usual, thanks to a foot demanding some change of pace.

I got some nice presents, and now have more to read.

More books to read! More books to read!

I did record and release a pretty normal number of podcasts, but otherwise I very efficiently and happily broke most of my regular routines. As usual, I think I am coming out better for the change, once again excited to see what else I will do.

I had some great conversations and experiences around goals and personal development. I think I have over-complicated things, an way of acting which does not surprise even me.

My way back into exercise now that the foot needs rest has been getting on an exercise bike. I have put in two one-hour sessions so far and managed to wear myself slightly light-headed both times. I might do some swimming again too, if I can get over the thought of navigating with and around people swimming at paces different than my own. A great thing about this break from running is that I have really felt it in my legs. I do not remember when they last felt so rested and eager to run again. I see it as additional proof I should have varied myself more already, this feeling is worth having more often, and at times where I can give myself that run I crave.

The alarm is set, tomorrow will be the first day of work this year. All the good things of the break have made work feel surprisingly distant, but I have some notes and ideas so I think I can start this off in a good way, too.

(No, of course there are no promises for the new year. That is not my thing.)