Young habits break hard

A week after finishing Shadow of Mordor, I feel my pattern for gaming - provided I keep selecting the right types of games - will be similar to my pattern for reading prose. Irregular burst of very focused comsumption, quite simply. Even as I was plowing through those excellent last … oh, fifteen perhaps … hours, not wanting to do anything else with my spare time, I was noticing how little else I did. Were I do dive as deep into the next game right away, I know I would have kept doing very little else. And so I find myself back where I usually am, sort of hesitant to dive headfirst into something which might take a lot of hours to finish.

Of course, I will typically fill this carefully conserved time with reloads of Twitter, Facebook and other sites, or listening to even more podcasts. That makes the whole hesitation thing feel rather dumb. After all, time spent deep into one thing feels much better than time spread over many very small things.

What I would really like is long focused dives broken up by pure pause and reflection. Time spent sitting and thinking, perhaps writing a little and generally letting thoughts form and settle. That is what I aim for.

So … perhaps it is time for a new game after all?

Or a really old one, now that my Wii is back in operation?