Restless, zestless

It is Sunday, perhaps I should not be surprised. But here I am, the day long into the evening, pacing about with a certain restlessness. Feeling I have not got anything done, and that I should.

But wait, why?

Yes, why indeed? Why is getting "things" "done" so damn important on the last day of the week? Get over myself! I have got things done all week.

Plus, if I think carefully about it, I have done some stuff today too.

Nothing is something I aspire to do better and more often. It is something I place high value on.

It all goes to show just hard it can be to work toward goals even when you know exactly what they are and what a natural first step toward them would be.

And twist it again

So, am I currently telling myself nothing is yet another thing I should be doing right now?

Is it too late in the week for a drink?