Podcast mornings

Mornings may not be the majority of my podcast time, but they are possibly the part I enjoy most. I listen to some podcast pretty much every weekday morning, but the weekends are - unsurprisingly - special. I have slept a little later and I like to take my time and enjoy a slow breakfast while listening to some current favourite.

This morning it was my current top podcast of all: Reconcilable differences. John Siracusa, Merlin Mann and the main topic of free will. So good, so much fun and so many good thoughts. A perfect accompaniment while having breakfast, finishing the last few cups of coffee and watching the sun shining bright over the frost-covered city while preparing to venture outside.

I spent a few enjoyably intense hours helping with a move. Apartment to house, all downhill, what is not to like? Plus, pizza and soft drinks never taste better than after a few hours of physical work. My getting there and back plus the rest of the breaks were mainly filled with Accidental tech podcast. I still enjoy it a lot, but it no longer feels like a requirement. I tend to listen to every episode, but after my last serious cleaning I no longer have it set to download automatically.

Shame on me, I forgot a jewel I recently discovered: Do by Friday. The thing of the podcast is that one host has given all three a challenge, and they talk freely from there. Freely, and very, very funny. This week the challenge was to look over your password security, a very good topic which led to both some seriously good recommendations, some very serious talk about the present and future and also, luckily, a lot of very good laughs. Highly recommended, and added to my subscription list after the first episode.

Oh: warm shower after moving on a cold day? Wonderful.

Keeping steam up, I spent most of the evening editing podcasts. Not only the next episode of Kodsnack, but also Den makalösa. Another movie related discussion will be out tomorrow, and I think it came out really well. I have rediscovered a wish to get better at editing and setting up my recordings, and I think it led to Kodsnack coming out a bit better-sounding than usual.

Kodsnack will feature some early impressions from me on the 15-inch Macbook pro with touch bar. I am collecting notes to write something about it too, but I want to gather more thoughts and impressions first.

I started writing that I will not do any podcasting of my own tomorrow, but I realized that would be a lie. We had an unusual lot of scheduling problems, but tomorrow we aim to record the next episode of Björeman // Melin. On a slightly shorter time-scale, I have another great listen lined up for breakfast: Road work. John Roderick is such a great storyteller that simply hearing the intro jingle gets me into a good mood.

Everything seems to be coming up podcasting right now. I like it.