Bakery is open

Bakery, the Python script I use to generate this site, is now on Github for all to see. It is a dramatically simple and plain little thing - all 224 lines of it - and it has allowed me to think very little about technology for my site as I write texts.

I think the main immediate benefit of putting Bakery up there was that it got me to sit down and create a bit of a readme to explain the inner workings. Not only is explaning things worthwhile in itself, I also discovered a small bug and some unused things.

They are always there, no matter the size of the project.

Command n, come on now

That the release happened yesterday was actually yet another benefit of attending meetups. I attended Bring your own project Gothenburg - exactly what you think it is - and, well, I did not really bring a project. My mind was a little blank the way it can be on a Wednesday night in November, and I was trying to save some energy for some nice podcasting later. I sat and listened to all the impressive projects around me, feeling a little blank and generally "I have no idea what I am doing". So I thought, okay, Bakery is a project. I have something I want to do with it, even if it is not strictly code. The world can use more documentation, and I can use some more exprience explaining what I have written.

Next time, though, I look forward to actually coding something. Preferably something new.

Wait, this is good! Past me actually made a deal with past-other-person about something we will do next time.

I am good at breaking the "staring at empty editor window"-curse when it comes to writing Human, but I want to catch up when it comes to code. I think there is a lot out there for me to learn.