The dark side of the apple

Damn, I may have turned a corner. I liked the new Macbook pros, I still like them for what they are. I definitely wanted much more direction and drive for Macs, but I felt optimistic.

Now, I have absorbed so many well-formulated negative opinions about Apple's lack of direction and care for the Mac that I am starting to seriously doubt. Perhaps they have stopped caring completely? Perhaps they will never make truly exciting desktops and laptops again? Perhaps there will never be regular computer hardware updates again?

Perhaps they will not even have enough drive to ever make IOS good as a tool for professional work on the Ipad?

It seems such a waste of potential, and potential earnings, but if Apple is not on that path they have better make that clear very soon. It would be really sad if Apple kept going downhill from here. They were in such a special position to drive things forward. But if they keep going, it will not be long before most of us simply stop caring, and begin to think of Apple as nothing more than a once-exciting maker of consumer gadgets.

I am reminded of Elon Musk talking about colonizing Mars. If that talk was about taking computers forward, Apple would most definitely not be the company behind the presentation, and Tim Cook would not be on that stage.