Autumn trains

I am leaning back in an incredibly comfortable armchair. Feet propped up, lower back supported, head resting on the back. My Macbook is on my lap, gently lifted by a pillow so that I can see what I am doing without being tempted to lift my head.

I will not exclude a possibility that it would be a long-term ergonomic nightmare for my hands (everything tends to be, after all), but otherwise this is an exquisitely comfortable way of using a computer. The main impediment to lasting productivity might be the temptation to simply close my eyes and take a nap without needing to move a single other muscle to reach a good position.

An Ipad with a bluetooth keyboard and that stand I ordered last week (it should arrive in a few days!) might actually be even better. Then I could lower my hands further while somewhat raising the screen at the same time.

This is the kind of ways I want to work. Find small and light devices for work and fit them into new situations. A more powerful computer with a larger screen would have dictated the feel of the experience much more; being heavier, warmer, and most likely also noisier. Lugging machines for "serious" work around feels like carrying an anchor of work, a gravitation field which warps things around it. A light device slips a window within which work can get done into the surroundings without disturbing them. Self-contained and non-intrusive, or as much so as it can possibly be. Fewer ports and cables also work for me, because the fewer things I can connect the fewer things I will bring "just in case".

I much prefer to bring as little as possible and see how it limits me. Usually, the answer is "not one bit". Sure, larger screens and all that, always nice, but very rarely worth sacrificing cozy surroundings for. My desk at home still feels like a little bit of a letdown, cop-out, or problem, because it has the perks of being stationary I end up doing more computing in power surroundings instead of cozy ones.

There will be food in less than an hour. Perhaps I have time for a nap first.