Some days

Some days call for proper Ben & Jerry's.

Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream

For digging pieces of cookie dough out from smooth creamy ice cream which by pure luck has melted just the right amount.

My weekend had started well enough when someone close to me called and told me there finally was a clear diagnosis for those worrying symptoms which have been developing for a while.

It was not one of the good ones. We are not talking promising treatments, or even treatments at all. This is the class where you try to make life decent as it rapidly falls apart, the class where a couple more years will be a good outcome.

That person basically called me an preannounced its own death, a fact which naturally took a while and some talking to other concerned to sink in. (He wrote, as if anything like this can begin to really sink in during a single day.) I am so spoiled to not have to go through more of this earlier in life.

So yeah, Ben & Jerry's.

And yet …

Despite all this, the world keeps on rolling, even if there is a layer of dreaminess in front of it. It brings out colors and adds a grounded and subdued sense of surreal beauty to the simple act of walking to the store and getting breakfast. I feel at once disconnected and more in the present. Everything seems simpler, shallower and at the same time somehow more important.

Autumn colors Autumn colors

And it keeps looking beautiful even on a cold and rainy late October evening.